Sensory Modulation in Occupational Therapy (OT)

In 2018, the generous donation made by All Morgans’ Day, in addition to start-up funding from the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund (LPF), enabled us to introduce ‘sensory modulation’ further into our occupational therapy offering for veterans. Sensory modulation utilises low-cost, high-impact sensory activities, equipment, behaviour strategies and modifications of the environment to help veterans regulate their emotions and responses to the outside world. 100% of veterans who completed a sensory profile and received a sensory modulation report felt that “it has been insightful and helped them with targeted coping strategies to use in daily life.”

We will use the findings from this research to demonstrate how our new occupational therapy approach using sensory modulation techniques can improve veterans’ lives and careers.

The Morgan Roadster 100 Register

Have been overwhelmed by the way the Morgan community have taken the first Virtual All Morgans’ Day under their wing, around 600 photos of Morgans posted from around the world – each photo telling an interesting story.
This is the third All Morgans’ Day where we’ve been supporting Combat Stress – looking after the mental health of UK veterans. COVID-19 has put untold additional pressure on veterans, at a time when their normal ways of supporting veterans have been disrupted. As such, it is with great pride that we make an initial donation of £12,000 to Combat Stress from Virtual All Morgans’ Day 2020 – with further donations to come over the next few weeks. We’ll be working with Combat Stress over the next few weeks as we decide how the Virtual All Morgans’ Day 2020 donation will be used. Sincere thanks to everyone who has donated and participated in Virtual All Morgans’ Day 2020.
We look forward to seeing everyone in person at the next All Morgans’ Day. In the meantime, please continue to post photos, and stay safe. 
With thanks,
All Morgans Day

Hosted by the Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register

Combat Stress and Our Fundraising

The History of All Morgans' Day 2018 Jackson is our Registers link into Combat Stress and while Chris & Rosemary Atwood visited Tyrwhitt House in Leatherhead, the Combat Stress Headquarters in the South, Darren borrowed the Morgan to say a few words about the work they do and how our fundraising helps them provide their essential Mental Health Services to our Veterans.

Posted by Virtual All Morgans' Day 7th June 2020 on Sunday, 7 June 2020