Frank Lomax recalls how he joined the team and how the show began.

How it began

“In MMC Centenary Year 2009, Roadster 100 Register Founder David Harris ran a Centenary Event held at Waddesdon Manor, the Rothchild / National Trust French Chateau styled estate. This was held on behalf of the SpotMog MSCC Centre.”

Morgan Centenary Roadster 100

“Later that year David Purchased R100 No. 001 and contacted me, by then owner of No. 015, to ask him to help set up the register and by the end of the year we had achieved about 10 members.”

The Name

“With R100 production and Sales running well into late 2010 our membership began to grow and it was then that David suggested running a similar event at Waddesdon in 2011. We decided to call it All Morgans’ Day because we wanted it to appeal to All Morgan Owners, particularly those owners not Morgan Sports Car Club Members. And to include Morgan Three Wheeler owners as well.”

Waddesdon Manor

“We hoped to stay at Waddesdon Manor as it provided a fabulous backdrop for photographs. Interestingly, MMC also launched the new M3W Three Wheeler in 2011 and they brought along a non running prototype to put on show next to their stand.  We managed to attract 22 Roadster 100’s and a total of 220 Morgans attended. The Event team back then was David, Myself, and owners Philip Loring and Peter Jackson who together managed the parking.”


“We also decided to fund raise for Help for Heroes through a £5 booking donation and bucket rattling on the day using Army Cadets but sadly the cadets failed to turn up so we only made £1276 from bookings and one bucket.”

Sponsored Drive

“Being slightly embarrassed at this low figure, In 2012 I decided to make a few street collections featuring the car and then decided to drive the Coast of Britain to raise another £3k.”

Welcome Back

“Having previously decided to only hold AMD’s every two years, David was inspired to hold a second event at Waddesdon to welcome me back. We exceeded the number of cars attending and raised another £7079 for H4H.”

Another successful year

“The next Waddesdon Event was held in 2014 where we found that the popularity was in danger of exceeding the space available to us and we were forced to restrict bookings to 220 cars. With the help of a troop of Air Cadets we raised the donations to £4011.”

The Venue

“David & I began planning our 2016 event but were politely told that Waddesdon Manor would be holding no future car events. We approached Blenheim Palace as one of the few locations that could allow us to increase numbers and maintain a Stunning Palace back drop for photos. They welcomed us with open arms at no cost and bookings climbed to just short of 400 cars.”


“We had decided that year to switch our fundraising for Combat Stress. Terry and Chris Attwood joined the team to help with parking and Terry ran a very successful Raffle producing £4k into the total of 10k raised. At the end of that year David Harris, who sold his R100 back in 2011, decided to retire from his leadership role and pass the baton to Terry Seymour.”

2018 Show

“The 2018 event was our most successful attracting 600 Morgans and produced Donations of £16k achieving the charity’s ‘Extra Mile Award’. MOG Magazine have reported on each event in 2012, 2016 & 2018.”